Loan Notes

Earn 18% in 18 months - (Typical Example)


  •     18 Month loan notes offering ROI @
           -     18% paid at end of term or
           -      5% paid every 6 months
  •     Security - The loan note is 100% asset-backed against the group's portfolio which currently stands at £34m GBP via Security Trustee
  •  £25,000 Entry Level
  •     Award Winning Developer
  •     Short-Term Exit with provable delivery of returns similar notes over the last 12 months


  •     Foundation of company was launched in 2006 
  •     Key Partnerships with some of the UK's largest asset management/property companies:     Grainger PLC, Aberdeen Asset Management & EJ Capital 
  •     Specialize in adding value to development sites in the PRS (Buy-to-Let) model,
  •     26 Million Profit in 2016 for the group
  •     Loan note is designed to provide additional cash flow to grow the Groups Portfolio
  •     Current GDV of Groups Projects is £320 Million


  •     Newcastle Site purchased at £6m and has a profit of £14m 
  •     Warrington Site purchased at £3.5m and has a profit of £11.5m
  •     Salford Site was purchased at £1.5m and has a profit of £4m
  •     Initial funding for land purchases prior to refinancing


  •     1800 freehold apartment blocks to build rooftop extensions on with an expected 10% buildable with between 8-30 units
  •     First development in Islington has £4.5m profit to HSG
  •     8 projects in the pipeline with zero cash investment on land cost
  •     Only Funding required is for design and planning


Eighteen month fixed term fixed return basis, the loan note instrument provides investors with an alternative means with which to invest capital providing bank beating returns.

Short term investment :

First Legal Charge on the underlying asset class on a 18 month fixed term

Interest Fixed at 18% at the end of the term or 15% with 5% paid six monthly

GBP £25,000 minimum investment

Capital At Risk 



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